Claims are filed by the payer of the transport, namely in writing in form of a letter, e-mail or personally. In case liability for damage to parcel is involved due to lost parcel, the claim must be made within three days of the day when the parcel was to be delivered.

If your parcel is damaged, contact us: via e-mail at, per phone at 02/ 4910 5359 or in writing by sending a letter to:

  • via email: 

Statistics of claims

The express courier company of ReMax Courier Service, spol. s.r.o. (from 1st October 2021 Packeta Courier Service s.r.o.) received 638 claims in 2018. From among the stated number of claims, 436 claims were admitted as justified, while the most frequent cause of filing a claim was the damaged or delayed delivery of the parcel. The main shortage in case of unjustified claims was mainly providing incorrect or incomplete data on transport documents or unsuitable packaging of goods parcels.