The following items are excluded from transport:

  • items ownership or holding of which is prohibited by domestic regulations;
  • items road transport or any other handling or manipulation of which is subject to domestic or international regulations concerning hazardous substances and is subject to other limiting regulations or road transport or any other handling or manipulation of which can be otherwise dangerous for the Provider, mainly the transport of charged weapons, hazardous chemical substances, chemical products, poisons, explosives, fulminated substances, military ammunition and other similar objects;
  • easily breakable and similar objects nature of which can cause an injury of persons or damage to property or that can otherwise endanger the proper transport, mainly glass and fragile objects without a hard case;
  • items that are not protected or not packaged in a corresponding way considering the weight of the object of other its nature;
  • items missing the necessary accompanying documents and documentation, especially that are not accompanied with the necessary data, such as the full address of the Addressee;
  • if the weight of package exceeds 70 kg, the length of package exceeds 270 cm or the sum of circumference and length of the package exceeds 330 cm. To determine the weight or the size, the weight is decisive, i.e. the size including the package;
  • live stock;
  • other objects rejected by the Provider due to objective unsuitability or inadequately high risk;
  • parcels stated in Article 32 (3) of the Act No. 324/2011 Coll. on Postal Services (hereinafter referred to as the “objects excluded from transport”);
  • valid banknotes, checks, bills of exchange and other securities, goods of extraordinary value, mainly precious metals, objects of art and uninsured items of high value are also considered as objects excluded from transport.